Asthma is the most prevalent respiratory disease in the world, yet it is still largely unknown. Here’s a top 10 of all the sentences and preconceived ideas about asthma and how it works.

1. “Asthma? is when you have an attack, right? »

No, no, no! This respiratory disease is not only defined by the typical asthma attacks that everyone knows my dear Watson. Asthma is a chronic disease. It is an hyper sensitivity of the bronchial tubes. The presence of a permanent inflammation is responsible for respiratory symptoms such as coughing, bronchial obstruction and shortness of breath during sport.

For an asthmatic person, the bronchial mucosa (the inner lining of the respiratory tract) is irritated and thickens. The contraction of these ducts and an excessive secretion of mucus often leads to respiratory difficulties.

2. “No more asthma attack ! my asthma finally disappeared! »

if only… a significant decrease in the number of attacks means asthma is under control, but it doesn’t mean that your asthma has disappeared. This is why it is necessary to continue taking your daily treatment as prescribed by your doctor.

3. “Cortisone? no thanks ! I don’t want to get fat “

Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory drug that treats inflammatory or allergic pathology. Cortisone can be used in the daily treatment of asthma. It favours water retention, which gives the impression of swelling. Cortisone can cause these side effects only with tablets or injections for a long period of time. The inhaled form does not expose to these effects, therefore no risk for your Apollo body!


4. “I don’t want to get addicted to my treatment.”

To you who thinks that your doctor is a “Don” of a drug cartel who wants to sell his junk, you are mistaken. The medications used for the basic treatment of asthma do not lead to dependence. Do not change doses without a medical advice, so trust your doctor.

5. “Asthma? Tss it’s in the head! »

This is a red card ! This respiratory disease is linked to hypersensitivity of the bronchi and does not depend on the psychological state of the individual. Stress and annoyances can, however, be triggers for asthma attacks on people with asthma.

6. “My child has asthma, it will pass with adolescence.”

Aaah puberty, what could be more fascinating than this period? the first love affairs, pimples, teenage problems, the end of asthma…

What? the end of asthma? In fact, in 1/3 of cases, asthma “calms down” during puberty, but it doesn’t mean that the disease has completely disappeared. It may indeed occur again later. Therefore, treatment should not be stopped on this pretext and without a medical advice.

7. “I’m telling you, if I have asthma it’s because of pollution! »

People with asthma are more sensitive to pollution than others, but it is not pollution that makes them “asthmatic”. Pollution is a trigger for occasional severe crises. It is  important to avoid sports during a pollution peak. And here’s something to say about sport.

8. “Sorry I can’t exercise, I have asthma.”

Sport activity is beneficial for people with asthma, it improves tolerance to effort and allows you to control it better. Your doctor can tell you which sports are appropriate for your condition

9. “My treatment? He’s not working anymore, I stopped it.”

There is no cure for asthma. Substantive treatments allows for the interval between asthma attacks and thus limit the use of severe crisis treatments, which can cause more adverse effects. They must be taken regularly to be effective and have no addictive effect

10. “Yes, I’ve stopped my treatment, it’s not good for my pregnancy.”

During pregnancy, disease control may progress. It is therefore important to be vigilant and continue to take the treatments prescribed by the doctor. In particular, inhaled treatments are active only on the mother’s bronchi and therefore do not pose a risk to the fetus.

In addition, women are twice more affected by asthma than men!

If you have any doubts about the disease or its treatment, you should always talk to your doctor or pharmacist. They are best able to give an answer adapted to your situation.