News of the French Startup LUDOCARE

The French Startup LUDOCARE developing JOE is present in the major events that concerns :
  • Health and respiratory disorders
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and connected solution
  • Startup and women entrepreneurs events.

Let’s discover the latest news of the French Startup.

Big Booster Charts

April 26: JOE is among the 3 startups selected by an international jury during the Lyon edition of Big Booster. JOE will therefore have access to the 3 Booster Camps at MiddleEast Africa, USA and China.


Test in families launched

April 24 : Test in families launched

Joe finally arrived in families and officially opened the adoption campaign. It’s Sixtine wha has the honor to be the first to be able to test JOE at home.


JOE is on french TV show "On a la solution"

March 10 : The TV show “On a la solution” broadcasted on France 3 starring JOE !

JOE won the innovation trophy

March 8 : Our CEO, Elodie LOISEL, won the innovation trophy for the 2017 year

JOE jury of the contest "Creators of ideas"

February 2, 2018: JOE, accompanied by Alexandra were present among the members of the jury of the #Concours “Creators of ideas” the regional competition of the innovation in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

Ludocare is sensitive to the innovations of tomorrow and therefore wanted to congratulate the 3 winners of this edition

Call for beta testeurs in "Tribune de Lyon" Magazine

JOE le robot compagnon des enfants asthmatiquesAug 24-30, 2017 : The local newspaper Tribune de Lyon #611 is calling for beta testers for the robot companion JOE. Your child suffers from asthma ? He has to take medication every day ? Come ans test JOE on the 12 and 14 September in Lyon. If you are interested, please apply at or

JOE at the French CES : Vivatech 2017

Vivatech 2017Jun 15-17, 2017 : The French Startup Ludocare was selected by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes to show JOE at the French CES : Vivatech 2017. It is an honor to share a 140 m² stand with 22 other Startups like Awabot, Love Box, Holi or Agora Opinion.

Elodie LOISEL in the "MANAGEMENT" magazine

La Startup JOE dans le magazine ManagementJun 1st, 2017 : The CEO of LUDOCARE is pictured in the magazine MANAGEMENT, dedicated this month to the feminine leadership. According to the journalists, the French Startup developing JOE is one of the 68 companies run by women that must be followed…

JOE is "the promissing seed of the week"

la jeune pousse de la semaine May 24th, 2017 : JOE is “the promissing seed of the week” for the regional business magazine BREF ECO.

JOE on French National TV

French Startup JOE in April 24th, 2017 : JOE the playful and connected companion of children with chronic deseases, appears in the famous show specialised in Health.

JOE selected for innovation contest MED'INNOV 2017

Apr 12th, 2017 : With the support of LyonBiopôle, JOE is present at Med’Inov 2017 in the Wold Trade Center of Grenoble.

JOE : a stand at the SIdO event

SIDO, Internet of thingsApr 5-6th, 2017 : By winning the Hacking Health, JOE got a stand at SIdO 2017, the leading international showroom dedicated to the Internet of Things. Come and test it !

JOE at the LYON international Fair

JOE at the Lyon international fairMar 17-19, 2017 : JOE interviewed by Regional TV France 3, at the Lyon International Fair. Many families tested JOE at the Startup Valley.

Pharmacy Meeting in Paris

Rencontre annuelles de l'officineYou expect to buy JOE in a Pharmacy ? So do we ! JOE was in Paris March 4-6, 2017 at the Annual Pharmacy Meeting, with the support of

Innovate for respiratory disorders

GSK reward for JOE at the Respirh@cktionSept 16-18th, 2016 : JOE rewarded at the first French Hackathon against respiratory disorders, in Paris. JOE wins grand prix du jury and the GSK Big Pharma reward.

JOE and the user tests

January 31 – February 7 : Implementation of user tests with parents and their children. Very nice experience that brought us only positive feedback from these little kids and their parents!

JOE, perfect exemple of the technological success of the county

February 22 : JOE, present in the county magazine to show the competitiveness of this area. 

LUDOCARE "promissing company" according to Capital

Elodie LOISEL, présidente de la Startup LUDOCAREAug, 2017 : The French Startup LUDOCARE is pictured amongst 68 “promissing companies”, founded by women, selected by the business newspaper

JOE in Business Mag "Les Echos"

JOE dans Les EchosJun 16, 2017 : Like our French president Macron, JOE is photographed with the robot companion Buddy, during Vivatech congress ! The business magazine “Les Echos” asks : “will robots become the children best friends ?”

JOE in the French eco magazine L'Usine Nouvelle

JOE robot enfants asthmatiques May 27th, 2017 : The French Startup JOE is in the magazine specialized in Economy L’Usine Nouvelle in its colums “La pépite”, which can be translated by “the young star”.

Robot JOE at INNOROBO congress in PARIS

robot JOE to Innorobo

JOE robot on large screen, on Coboteam stand, at Innorobot congress 2017 in Paris

May 16-18th, 2017 : Thanks to his partner Coboteam, robot JOE was on large screen at the congress dedicated to the robotics of tomorrow, Innorobo 2017 in Paris.

JOE selected for bioVision Catalyser

bioVIsion Cathalyser : French Startup JOE selectedLaunched in 2013 , BIOVISION Catalyzer allows innovative projects holders and seed stage startups representatives to meet and connect with potential private and public partners.

JOE is a boss !

The Startup Ludocare selected to the women entrepreneur contest Mar 28th, 2017 : JOE is one of the 7 Startups on course for “be a boss”, a contest dedicated to women entrepreneurs.

JOE at the CPLF 2017

Congrès pneumologie marseilleJan 27-28th, 2017 : with RespirH@cktion rewards, JOE was invited to CPLF, the biggest Francophone Pneumology Congress, this year in Marseille.

JOE labelled Lyon Startup

Lyon Startup 2016Dec 1st, 2016 : JOE is labelled Lyon Startup at the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry. They are 20 labelled Startups over 155 contestants.

JOE winner at the Hacking Health

JOE winner of Hacking Health 2016 in LyonNov 20th, 2016 : JOE is rewarded with the Startup price